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“It’s a porch-stompin’, fiddle-sawin’, bass-spankin’ hootenanny!” — Lifestyle Frisco 

Described as high-powered “hootenanny,” The Bodarks sprouted up on the North Texas scene in 2012, throwing down “ragtime, jug band, and Western swing, but mixed with punk,” (Lifestyle Frisco). They've been compared to genre-twisting folk acts like "Pokey LaFarge, Old Crow Medicine Show, and The Avett Brothers" (KHYI 95.3FM The Range) due to their unique style that has more recently earned them a nomination as "Best Country Act in Dallas" (Ghosty Awards) and even caught the attention of America's Got Talent (see the Blog story).

Formerly members of rock and country cover bands, the musicians got together (Thank-you, Craigslist!) with the idea of creating something old but new, with no genre borders. The horse-apple bearing bodark (bois d'arc ) tree seemed an apt symbol for these transplants from the farm to the city. No sooner had they formed the band than they were selected as a Shiner Rising Star finalist in 2013. Their blend of styles caught the attention of the judges and press: “You create your own genre,” said Donnie Nelson (GM of the Dallas Mavericks). “You crash through every genre.”  And M.J. Farmer of Buddy Magazine described their original songs as proof that they've "developed their own unique Americana music."

The Bodarks’ live performances cross borders as well, “connecting with the crowd and trying to bring us up on the stage,” says Brett Dillon (KHYI, 95.3FM The Range), with “delightful harmonies that had the audience singing along to their songs,” says Sarah Badran (Blitz Weekly). The wide range of ages and musical tastes among their fans reveals the diversity of venues performed – from the House of Blues and Lava Cantina to local pubs and festivals such as Wildflower Fest – as well as in the diverse touring acts for which they have side-staged (Kansas, Pat Benatar, Gary P. Nunn, Randy Rogers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Old 97s, etc.).  

After all, hootenanny has no borders.

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“Great sound... Deep rootsy stuff like ragtime, jug band, and western swing, but mixed with punk.”​

                              ~ Lifestyle Frisco


“A beautiful blend of delightful harmonies that had the audience singing along to their songs as if it were their favorite karaoke jam.”​

                         ~ Sarah Badran, Blitz Weekly


“This music makes you feel good... It appeals to every kind of audience."

 ~ Maylee Thomas, Texas Homegrown Music


“A band that's using its talents to have fun while exploring a pretty broad swath of Americana music."  

          ~ Shawn Underwood, Twangville


“The Bodarks are very entertaining... It's a rockin' show!"

 ~ Brett Dillon, KHYI 95.3FM "The Range"


“Go see their show. You're guaranteed to have a good night."

    ~ Michael White, Real Texas Radio


“There's all kinds of cool elements from bluegrass to ragtime... that really connected with the crowd."  

 ~ Donnie Nelson, GM, Dallas Mavericks


“A super cool group on the Texas music scene. It's so different than most." 

 ~ Drew Myers, Defining Audacity


Upcoming Shows


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Side Effects (2020)

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Live Americana (2019)

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Uprooted (2018)

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The Bodarks (2015)

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