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LIFE AMERICANA (Brooks, 2012)





Get ye over the serpent's sea


Gotta take a drink from the FOUNTAIN FOUNTAIN


Life Americana gotta live so free 



Horse-alligators are DANCIN DANCIN


Horse-alligators are drinkin gin


Take a shiny penny and put it in his pocket


And maybe he’ll dance for you, my friend






It aint discovered as much as dreamed


There’s places over yonder that I aint yet seen


And maps aint made by those who stay behind


It aint got law and it aint got order


Aint got a flag and it aint got a border


Life Americana is just a state of mind


Life Americana is just a state of mind



Mighty Mississipi is SPILLIN SPILLIN


Mighty Mississipi is brimmin wide


Keelboat captain's got a whale on the griddle


He'd tell you how he caught it but he'd have to lie



Gasparilla was SAILIN SAILIN


Gasparilla king of the sea


Spied a fair lass in the water with fins


And now she's swimmin in sailors' dreams








Sacagawea with her baby on her side


Where can I find a perty little Jenny


Like Sacagawea to be my bride



Toss out the tea for your TAXES TAXES


Chop down your daddy’s ol cherry tree


You can go to hell I'm going to TEXAS TEXAS


Find a senorita to marry me




DEMON WHISKEY (Brooks, 2012)


Jesus Christ turned that water to wine

Well Simon Peter he was feeling fine

It’s not an easy job being lamb to the slaughter

But a night out with the boys and you can walk on water


Ol’ Dionysus from the vine is nice

And Babylon barley is sure good on ice

But when I’m wound up and the spirit hits me

You go to give me that demon whiskey now



You got-you got to give me demon whiskey now

You got-you got to give me that brew

You got-you got to give me demon whiskey now

That devil in the bottle gonna baptize you

Mama got the Gospel and now she’s hot

Stash it in the bottom of the flowerpot

I’m talking in tongues, got to chug it on the run

Better do it quick, she got the ol’ shotgun


Hold my breath, tuck it in my boot

Comb my hair over in my Sunday suit

Just one shot, Thank God she missed me

But damn it all to hell she got my demon whiskey





When that thirst gets worse with an itch in your pocket

You can take your soul to the Pawner and hock it

For fourteen dollars and thirty-three cents

Buys bliss in a bottle that is Heaven sent 


They say Satan is there at the bottom

But you keep on drinking and you aint yet caught him

If you met him down there then you damn sure wish he’d

Buy another round of that demon whiskey



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THE BODARK SONG   (Brooks, 2012)


Banjo and mando picking wild and free

Two critters grinning ‘neath a bodark tree

Along come the Devil horse apple in hand

Said “Let’s make a deal, play music in a band”


Well they’d heard of evil deeds and tales oft’ told

Of Johnny’s golden fiddle and a dark crossroad

“But this aint the same” said the Devil with the fruit

“All I really want is to play the pan flute”



Whao ho won’t you come-a come along

Sing with us our Bodark Song

Our fruits are rolling and our roots are long

We’re always thirsty and we drink ‘til dawn

The old old is a new kind of new

A little bit Dylan and Motley Crue

Got livers of steel and our hearts are true

So drink a drink with us and be a Bodark too


They shook their heads and said “Let’s meet in the middle

We don’t need a flute but we could use a fiddle”

The Devil stared down at his hooves and cursed

Said “That duel with douchebag Johnny was the worst”


But then he grinned from ear to ear

Said “I did always dig the lower register”

A snap of his fingers and from a firey lake

He pulled a fat bass and he made the earth shake



A twister whipped up and its winds did carry

A big hunk of Kansas to that Texas prairie

A girl with ruby shoes played a gold violin

Said “Ol’ Charlie Daniels skipped a verse at the end”


They ate from the bodark ‘neath the light of the moon

Now the angel on the fiddle makes the fellas swoon

The Devil shakes the earth, fruit falls from the tree

And the pickers in the band get their drinks for free



BET ON THE BLUES   (Brooks, 2013)


Love put on his coat of stars

Took a hard drag of his cigar

Said The chips are all yours I guess

But you’ll have to loan me some emptiness

‘Cause when the deal goes down you know you can bet on the blues


Death counted out his hurricanes

Raised the stakes with eternal flames

Said In the end I could read your mind

When you bet it all on all Mankind

‘Cause when the deal goes down you know you can bet on the blues


Peace got lucky til they called his bluff

Paid out in plagues when he’d had enough

Said There’s something underhanded going on I bet

War said It’s more than just the cards you get

And when the deal goes down you know you can bet on the blues



You can chalk it up to chance do your voodoo dance

Or pray to the gods of rain

You can say it’s all in fun but when the dealing’s done

You’re sure gonna lose the game


He filled his eyes with the Milkey Way

Said Can all this really be in vain

Her hair fell down into his face

She said Let’s recreate the human race

‘Cause when the deal goes down you know you can bet on the blue

GOT A REMEDY  (Brooks, 2013)


Some folk call me apothecary

And some the Snake Oil King

I blowing into town with the tumbleweed

Then I’m gone when the whip-poor-will sing

What I offer is worth the price

Here’s a little something to entice

Between you and me, take my advice

I got a remedy for you  Yeah … I got a remedy for you


Leftenant Jim had an ailing limb

From the Battle of Union Gap

Wanted back up in the saddle again

Wave that saber from his lap

Took my tonic and an oath was sworn

Now he’s blowing the charge like a bugle horn

Salutes them ladies now he’s airborne

Says I got a remedy for you Yeah … I got a remedy for you


Widow May said she couldn’t pay

But had an itch she had to scratch

I gave a little dose to her anyway

With a collateral catch

Don’t matter none no nickel or dime

I’m here to help my fellow mankind

If you’re looking for something you cannot find

I got a remedy for you Yeah … I got a remedy for you


I got a remedy I got a remedy

I got a remedy for you  Yeah … I got a remedy for you

So your head is aching your heart aint right

I got a remedy for you  Yeah … I got a remedy for you

Your old man’s cussing and putting on a fight

I got a remedy for you  Yeah … I got a remedy for you

If you’re looking for something you cannot find

I got a remedy for you  Yeah… I got a remedy for you 

GRAVITY  (Brooks, 2014)


East of Eden into Wichita

My heart is making me break the law

Ooooooo of gravity

 Angel riding shotgun into the sky

It don’t really matter’s long as you are my

Ooooooo my gravity



Mr. Newton, where are you now?

I defy your laws somehow

Am I out of orbit or spinning round

Am I falling up or diving down?



Oooooo  Gimme your gravity girl

Oooo your gravity


With the weight of living there’s nothing sure

But I let go and feel the pull of your

Oooooo your gravity


We’re riding this rock around the sun

But your light is my only one

Oooooo my  gravity






They say it’s a natural fact

How two bodies in space attract

But that force that pulled that apple from the tree

Aint got nothing on you and me



OLD MUDDY ROAD   (New, 2012)


Swingin low my knapsack on the West side of the tracks
Luggin round my burdens and Iʼve fallen through the cracks
Only my friend Danielʼs taken knives out of my back for me

Dirty Charlie asks me for a nickel or a dime
I ainʼt got neither one and I sure ainʼt got no time
Lifeʼs been doin me wrong since I left my baby Madeline


That old muddy road is callin me to find my paradise
And I donʼt speak to no one so Iʼm takin his advice
Iʼm walkin til I find my peace, somewhere I can unload

But until then my boots are stuck

In this old muddy rooooad

Old muddy rooooad

First smoke of the morning as the sun begins to rise

No food again last night and I can feel all my insides

Iʼll beg a piece of bread and maybe hitch a ride tonight

The sun beats down my will and I find rest under a tree

The devil pays a visit, I take what he offers me
Time again Iʼve sold my soul to have some company


Shadows lurk in nighttime and they linger in the day
I fear the same old weary life, thatʼs why I just canʼt stay

Iʼll walk until my flesh becomes the earth along the way



OLD NEW ORLEANS   (Brooks & New, 2012)


In the heart of Louisiana

There's a city where I long to be

And I would walk for miles to get there

For my baby's in old New Orleans



On the bayou-ooo

Do I cry-ooo

Give me jambalaya to ease my pain

For my baby's in Old New Orleans

My boogalee baby loves crawfish 

And the Hurricane is her specialty

And when I drink too much in the Quarter 

You know that she's drunker than me


On the bayou-ooo

Do I cry-ooo

Give me shrimp etouffee to ease my pain

For my baby's in Old New Orleans

One night in the Quarter I left her

New York City did I long to see

But now I'd fight gators to be near my cher 

And back there in the Old Big Easy


On the bayou-ooo

Do I cry-ooo

Give me crawfish gumbo to ease my soul

For my baby's in Old New Orleans


On the bayou-ooo

Do I cry-ooo

Give me one Hurricane to ease my pain

For my baby's in Old New Orleans

D-R-U-N-K   (Brooks, Kelleher 2013)


Police man he make me stop

Take me to the line and make me hop

He say Son I gotta little game to play 

Called Are You D-R-U-N-K?


Well I kinda like to play games more than some

So I said Sure Boss let’s have fun

But this cop’s game it was the worst

You say your ABCs reversed



Gonna get blott-o blown away

Gonna get D-R-U-N-K

Gotta little game for you to play

Called Are You D-R-U-N-K?


Believe it or not I done some school

And way back then I’s a spellin fool

But now I knew I had to pray

‘Cause I was D-R-U-N-K




Z Y X... double-U

V U T ...uh SRQ

P O N… M L…

Ohhh …What the hell


Now here is how the next game goes

Reach on out and touch your nose

Walk the line try not to flop

Stand on one leg while you hop

Put your hands upon the car

You drank too much at the bar

Put your hands behind your back

Do the do-si-do with Jailbird Jack




So he says Boy I’ve had enough

We danced around I felt the cuff

I said Man you wouldn’t be this way

If you were D-R-U-N-K



simple ufo.jpg

LITTLE GREEN MEN  (Brooks, 2014)


Little green came and set up shop

They came in peace, made circles in the crop

Met the local primates at a smoky little bar

Learned about alcohol and his-to-ry of war


They woke up with a headache, prodded and poked

By monkeys with gloves and a stethoscope

They said, “Go probe yourself with all your paranoia

Aliens aint the ones going to destroy ya



The End it’s comin, Gonna end up with nothing

Better duck and cover, Better love one another

That’s the way to spend it, The only way to win it is to lose


Little green men said, “Take us to your leader

Antennas on our head can tell a hate breeder

You raise your baby monkeys to kill your enemy

Though you all descended from the same monkey tree”


“It ain’t gonna be some giant space rock

It ain’t gonna be from techtonic shock

It ain’t gonna be zom-bie apocalypse

If there’s anything that dooms you it’s your gods and politics




Well monkeys never listen to alien advice

They just locked them away and packed ‘em in ice

Fought their monkey wars till everyone was dead

All because some ancient book that everyone misread …it said:




lonesome blue.jpg

CAROLINE  (Brooks, 2014)



Left my girl in ribbons waiting

Left my girl in flowing tears

A lock of auburn hair she gave me

Promised that she’d wait the years



Caroline my heart is calling

Caroline I come to you

If’n die before I get there

Tell Carolina that I love her true


Aint too proud of the things I done

While wearing soldier gray

But I would do near anything

To get me back to her one day ...CHORUS


Stitch yourself a perty little dress

Put jessamine in your hair

I’m coming home to you this day

And babies we will bear ...CHORUS


Startled on a lonesome Blue

From my hometown he fled

Raised my muzzleloader

Put a ball into his head ...CHORUS


Searched his bloody rucksack

For much the dead can spare

Just a perfumed handkerchief

And lock of auburn hair ...CHORUS



Oh My Caroline

Oh I come to you

Oh My Caroline

Tell Carolina that I love her true



One more beer, just ONE MORE BEER

This bar ainʼt serving any more, so get your ass in gear

The bandʼs about to finish, Brian's passed out on the floor

So have just ONE MORE BEER and show yourself the door



This bar was nice and empty when I came in here at 3

Met Patti the bartender, she was so good to me

Six beers later, she was my new best friend

Love that woman with all my heart keep me drinking til the very end



By the time the clock struck 9 there were babes in the bar

I said “Youʼre oh-so sexy, letʼs go do it in my car!”

Cute little thing she slapped me and I watched her walk away

Said “That’s okay now baby, I aint got a car anyway.”


CHORUS ("Jeff")


Got the midnight munchies and we needed a bite to eat

So we all went to the Whataburger that’s about a block down the street

Jason took a bite of burger and he threw up on the floor

Now they say we canʼt go to Whataburger anymore


CHORUS (“Jason”)



Closing time came around too fast, and I thought that I might cry

When youʼre having so much fun, itʼs sure hard to say goodbye

Said farewell to my new found friends, I spilled beer right in their lap

Bid adieu to my new girlfriend - holy shit that girl can slap!



One more beer, just ONE MORE BEER

You donʼt have to go home but you can't stay here

The band’s about to finish, Shelly’s passed out on the floor

So have yourself just ONE MORE BEER and show yourself the door

Have yourself just ONE MORE BEER and show…yourself…the door





You can get down there on the corner

You can get it fresh or made to order

You can get it down south of the border

Better get it while the gettin’s good


Slow down cowboy

This aint no race

Dontcha live your life in such a hurry

To get out of this place


Shoulda coulda woulda with your regrets

Had a hell of a hand but never placed your bets

Well it’s now or never with the time we’ve left

Better get it while the gettin’s good  ...CHORUS 


Well time melts away like an ice cream cone

Ya better eat it up gonna be long gone

Honey you and me gotta get it on

Better get it while the gettin’s good ...CHORUS



Better go and get it!  (x3)

Get it while the gettin’s good


You can get it down in Abilene

You can get it down at Francine’s…

Got girls workin there that aint so mean

Better get it while the gettin’s good ...CHORUS

NEW AMERICA  (Brooks, 2014)


Hey - you – punkgrass kid

Beat – on –  banjo head

Tat – too – on your face

Don’t – you – know your place at all?

Fight – for – something new

Love – that – red white blue

Pack – your – heat with you

Stop – mob – at the border wall


Give – us – your huddled mass

Un – less – you're underclass

Get – yours – I got mine

Melt – ing – pot or Frankenstein

My – worst – enemy

Is – the – one in me

Mis – fit – Goldilocks

A hot – cold – paradox am I



I am I am I am I'm

The New America [x2]


Can’t – af – ford to pay

Cost – to – be healthy

Fix – me – when I’m broke

Keep – them – communists at bay

Check – mark – in between

Black – white – card is green

Check – the – “Other” square

We’re – all – queer in our own way ...CHORUS


Four – score – Alamo

Let – my – people go

Red – man – toe the line

This – land – yours and mine For Sale

Re – con – struct the past

In – the – history class

Sea – to – shining sea

Manifest your destiny in Hell ...CHORUS

SHAME SHAME  (Brooks, 2014)


Shame on youooo … Shame Shame (x2)


There’s a valley now in between you and me

And I fill it up with whiskey and you, with apologies

You wrap yourself and gather all your clothes

But you weren’t so modest just a minute ago



But there’s the man in the moon and an aeroplane

And a company of crickets saw the whole damn thang

Whaooo Shame Shame

I said Honey I don’t wanna rush

But the words you said would make a sailor blush

Whaooo Shame Shame 


So it was just a little lapse of your dignity

Well there’s a swarm of bees buzzing inside of me

That was sure one hell of an accident

But a drop of a dime and I’d do it all over again




You went away with all your regrets

But now you’re going through men like they’re cigarettes

You broke my heart beyond all repair

While you carry yours like you don’t even care


Shame on youooo  Shame Shame (continues)


UPROOTED  (Brooks, 2016)


Got a heart full of songs that can’t be sung

About the shit I did when I was young

I got a head as hard as bodark wood

I’d surely go back home baby if I could

But now I’m uprooted I'm high on in the wind

And I can’t go back to the garden again



You can’t go back, You can’t go back

You can’t go back to the garden again

When your time comes to an end

They’ll plant you back in the dirt my friend

But now you’re uprooted high on the wind

And you can’t go back to the garden again


The miles I’ve traveled from the start

Are as distant as the loved-one from a broken heart

They say you are where you come from

But I tell you up-rooted is what I’ve become

Now I’m on the road and I’m westward bound

Running out of sunsets to chase down




So you’re running out of roads to chase out west

But you can’t go back to mama’s breast

No you cannot swim in the same creek twice

Or seal your first kiss with a wondering eye

Now your bones are brittle and your miles are long

All you can do is keep rolling on





Ain’t it a downer when you’re an out-of-towner

Wherever you put your roots down

But you’re never gonna find the Eden in your mind

By going back to your hometown





Forgive me, Father, I must confess

With the tolling of the bell it’s hard to rest

In ouuuuuuurrr sleepy little town

How many more holes must you dig in the ground?


Your words are soothing and con-fi-dent

People believe you are Heaven sent

And soooooooo why would anyone doubt

You Christen them in then you pardon them out



Haaa-aaa-aa llelujah 

Do you still hear the whispers of the souls you laid to rest?

Haaa-aaa-aa llelujah

Do you cry in the night like they did when they confessed?


There’s one less lass in the class today

Alma Kelmer has run away

But Noooooooo she’s right under your feet

With the tolling of the bell you know she never will sleep




Late on the Sabbath when your flock had gone

Save in the nave there remained just one

Weeeeeeeping for your child yet born

You wiped away the sin and then you pardoned your own





What lifeless fish are those that float

On the waves of the river as morning broke

Revealing the pieces of a lover whose

Hand is pointing at you


Haaa-aaa-aa llelujah        

Do you still hear the whispers of the souls you laid to rest?

Do you cry in the night like they did when they confessed?


Firewater was a horse a handsome appaloosa

The fastest thing on four legs south of the Wakarusa

But his cowboy lost him to a man who had a knack for cheatin’

Now that stallion ain’t  been seen since the day them spades were beaten


BRIDGE:  On his dreams, he still rides [x2]


The cowboy walked in the saloon but soon he was perplected

You see Whiskey had a strange effect not quite what he expected

Water was leaking out of his eyes and he shook through his whole body

Everyone looked away as he cried out like a lone coyote



Ooooo-I am the rolling tumbleweed

Ooo-oo And you are the wind

Ooooo- I am the rolling tumbleweed

Ooo-oo And you are the wind


Such behavior ain’t befiittin’ of a man with knack for fightin’

So the doctor checked his head and said “Go to bed and sleep the night in”

Next thing you know he’s dreaming of his friend and they’re riding the Estacado

And they’re sleeping snug together ‘neath the stars of Colorado




I wish I could tell you in the end the two were reunited

And rode into the setting sun not again to be divided

But all I know is even if your hand’s sure to win you money

Never bet your horse or even better yet your buddy





MY FLYING MACHINE  (Brooks, 2015)


Aint got a halo honey but I got a pair of wings

Fly with me on my machine And I will show you things

Like you never known, Like you never seen

Like birds into the cloudy blue if you fly with me


Hold on tight my darlin’ as I pedal through the air

Feel the breeze upon your face and blowing through you hair

This penny-farthing’s faster than a locomotive train

We'll fly into the sunshine, we'll rise above the rain



I’ll fly you to Timbuktu and all points in between

No need to pack We’ll be right back as swiftly as a dream

There’s sure to be some storm at sea, a typhoon here or there

But trust in me and you'll see we’ll fly without a care

Oh trust in me and you'll see we'll fly


This High-wheeler flies higher than a circus blimp

But it takes two in tandem to take this kind of trip

Like ants upon the hillside folks gather down below

They stare up at the blue sky and they wish that they could go



LONESOME JACK  (Bell, 2015)


Lonesome Jack  the campfire preacher

Lived out on a dirty beach and

Slept upon an oyster bed in exile by the sea 


The shadow of a ramblin man

who wandered freely cross the land 

His careless drifting railyard amble faded far away



Lonesome Jack, a gentleman of the road

A highballin daddy in someone else's clothes

He lived his life a loner and so he died alone

With no one waiting up for him at home


You can train your dogs or train your kids

but not old Jack, he never did

learn one damn thing about living, He was leaving all the time


At night his thoughts would drift afar

tucked inside a freighter car 

Dreaming of a life before he caught the Frisco line



The hard-time hobos ran him out 

And he wandered to the coast 

A railroad man without a rail to ride


He settled in a sandbar there

And laid him down to sleep

20 years of drifting passed right before his eyes 



The wrong turns that you can't make right

Will follow you to bed at night

And now the life you left behind is coming back for you


When death draws near embrace the light 

A coal-black Coach on a silent night

Rumbling down the rail to train its one good eye on you



WINDERMERE  (Brooks, 2017)

Now London’s no place for an Abilene man

So I hopped the trains for the Norther lands

When I stepped off of the Cumbria Line

I found me a place still frozen in time


The wind off the water in the winter sure bites

There’s snow on the pub but a fire burns inside

When the sun breaks through the mist in the glen

I’ll lose myself in the fells once again



Let’s go where the heather is green

And people up there are rarely seen

Let’s walk the haunted fells so fair

Oh carry me back there to Windermere  (repeat)


I found a town in the foggy shroud 

Far away from the bustling crowd

Its mossy stone walls and cross-timber wood

Were as old as the earth where it stood


A local man nodded and bought me a pint

Asked “What are you Yanks all so eager to find”

I shook my head and looked to my beer

Said “I don’t know, man, but I sure found it here”



About a mile out of Ambleside

A Lancashire gal asked if I needed a ride

I said “There’s no place that I need to be

But I’ll get there much sooner in your company”


She drove me up to a circle of stones

We found a grave yard of ancient bones

I asked if she knew of their history

She said “They’re no different from you and from me”



MUSCADINE WINE  (Brooks, 2014)


Use me up, go on abuse me

Fill your cup, no need to seduce me

When your head’s abuzz, go on accuse me

But just don’t blame my muscadine wine


Drink me down, til your head is swimmin

Round and round, now the room is spinnin

You can say you got a way with the women

But just don’t blame my muscadine wine



Wild off the vine, it’s enchanting your mind

But you don’t need excuses my dear

Your face is now numb, you can loosen your tongue

And tell me I’m the reason you’re here


Binge on me, I’ll intoxicate you

Overdose, I’ll rehabilitate you

Say it’s my charms that truly medicate you

But just don’t blame my muscadine wine




Fall on me, in your condition

Count on me, to lift your inhibition

Take another drink before you juxt my position

But just don’t blame my muscadine wine

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