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There was this one gig where Ozzy Osbourne crashed our party. It was our big album release shindig for the new Live Americana record. Our pals in the Cafe Society Band and Justin Pickard's band had already kicked off a full night of hootenanny and caught the place afire, which the crowd attempted to put out with a steady flow of beer. When the Prince of Darkness staggers in, spouting gibberish and trying to get free drinks.

Now, I've always heard The Oz is a big fan of our kind of skiffle. But ever since that time he was run out of Texas for whizzing on the Alamo, he's rarely been seen around our beloved state. Yet there he was, the Godfather of Metal, smelling like a brewery...which was easy, because this gig was in a brewery. TUPPS Brewery Taphouse was the gracious host of this auspicious shindiggery.

Anyway, it was now the Bodarks' turn to burn the place down, and we were sound checking with "Mama I'm Coming Home." Oz lumbers up on Mando Dan's side of the stage and tries to melt his microphone with a breath full of alcohol fumes. We figured it was best that he sing rather than try to put a coherent sentence together. So, we launch into "Crazy Train." And well, he had everyone singing along with, "Going off the rails on a crazy train..."

A real upstage moment. We called security and he was promptly removed from the premises. We finished the show with a bang, and our Live Americana album got a proper launch into the digital stratosphere. Check it out: Live Americana

Here's a few slices of the night:


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