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There was this one gig we played as characters from "The Wizard of Oz." Funny thing was, when we came up with the idea for our Halloween show at Cadillac Pizza Pub, there was little or no discussion over who would play which character.

Shelly, being a small-town Kansas gal, was the obvious choice for Dorothy. And although we thought Jason would look cute in that little checkered dress, we knew a washboarder just had to be the Tin Man. Then there was Brian The Lion, sweet as a pussy-cat but never one to run away from a good fight (Have you ready my blog Play "Piano Man" or I'll Kick Your Ass?). I was the brainless leader of the operation, so the Scarecrow, it was.

We played the show in character, and everyone had a blast...except maybe the staff of The Cadillac, who remained to clean up the debris of empty glasses, hay, and crow feathers.

There was this other gig we played as a death metal band, this time at our ol' waterin' hole, The Celt. Only, for some reason it wasn't our usual crowd, and the strangers staring at us probably thought this was the way we always looked. After all, this time it wasn't quite Halloween, and we were the only ones in the place in costume. It was probably made all the more shocking by the fact that, when you're playing in studded leather and a wig, you get a pretty good sweat on and the face paint starts to run down your cheeks.

Fun shows, and if no one else was entertained, I know we were!


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