There was this one gig where we busked half naked in the bathroom of the pub where we were celebrating our annual #BodarksBirthdayBash. Because, you know, we have this "Birthday Suit" song we do. So it just seemed natural. Robert initiated it by stripping down to the skin while the crowd watching outside the door was thankful they were shielded from the glare by our instruments at this point.

Leading up to the bathroom incident, the amazing staff of #TheCelt had made us a birthday cake. And having a sweet tooth the size of Kentucky, I was eyeballing the icing as we played our first set. Finally, unable to resist, we start cramming this thing in each others' faces while our pal Anthony Nagid squeezed an accordion solo out.

This Birthday Bash tradition goes back a few years. In celebration of the launch of our band on February 11th, 2012 at Schmitty's Bar & Grill, we held our first bash there one year later, in February 2013, fully clothed on this particular occasion. We pre-gamed with our very own Bodark Belgian Wit beer, the handiwork of Shelly, and were joined later by many of our buddies who'd supported us from the beginning.

Had so much fun, we decided to make it a thing. So now, every year around mid-February we have our annual Bodarks Birthday Bash. And, generally, we keep our threads on.

By the way, next time there's a birthday, you can sing along with us:


Let's dance around the sun, add a candle to your cake

Naked as the day you were born we'll celebrate

With the body God gave ya when Adam ate the fruit

Have a party in your birthday suit, Oh yeah - Have a party in your birthday suit

Lady Godiva may stop a little traffic

But just because she's in the buff don't mean it's pornographic

Jiggle that jellyroll and shake your grapefruit

Have a party in your birthday suit, Oh yeah - Have a party in your birthday suit

Once upon a time you were ready and willing

To show them where the sun don't shine

But now when you take it off you get that funny funny feeling

Well you can show me yours and Honey, I'll show you mine

So have a happy birthday like Mother Nature made ya

The same old fashioned way your mom and daddy laid ya

Never be ashamed of your family root

Have a party in your birthday suit, Oh yeah - Have a party in your birthday suit

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