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There was this one gig where we were almost disqualified from the Shiner Rising Star contest. This was a Texas-sized battle-of-the-bands put on by #KHYI 95.3FM-The Range and #ShinerBeer, the winner of which gets a swanky record deal and all sorts of radio kudos. Though we were just getting started as a band, we decided "What the hell" and threw our name in the hat. And now, here we were, duking it out for a spot at the finals.

Well, during our set, one of our fans jumped up there with us and grabbed my tambourine and joined in. No biggie. That's what we do in a hootenanny. But the judges weren't so sure. Adding a member to your roster of players might be in violation of the rules. There was a long discussion about our new tambourinist at the judges' table.

The conclusion was to not disqualify The Bodarks since her actions were beyond the band's control. We won that round and went on to the final showdown at #LoveAndWarInTexas, where we swapped sets with our pals #BuffaloRuckus, #MattBradshaw, and the ultimate winners, #GreenlightPistol.

In the end, we didn't get the W for the record deal. So our fans rallied together and paid the production costs of our first album via a Kickstarter campaign.

Anywho, this adventure inspired us to write the song "Shake My Tambourine," in which there's mention of our friends above and the radio personalities involved. If you've seen us do this one live, you know it's a song that requires a guest on tambourine and showcases a full-on tambo solo.


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