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There was this one gig where Shelly surprised everybody by hopping on a table during her "Crazy Train" fiddle solo. Tips were especially tasty after that, so these sorta solos became her thing. Shelly was soon riffing on the tops of stools at Johnny's Icehouse, on the bar at Dodie's-Frisco, and even atop Greggor's bass.

On one such occasion, Donnie Nelson - the GM for Dallas Mavericks - saw us and was so dazzled by our fiddler's bar-top acrobatics that he bought us all two rounds and stuffed a Benjamin in our jar.

This all came to an end one night at The Flying Saucer in Addison with an ugly dismount that almost went south. As Shelly was stepping off a table, it began to topple over. Somehow she recovered with grace - made it all look intentional. And without missing a note, of course. But after that she decided to keep to the stage.


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