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There was this one gig where we were told to stop playing and leave immediately. You see, we had a little time to kill before our shindig at a Frisco bar, so we thought, "Hey, let's go busker in the Target parking lot for the shoppers!"

Now, I can't imagine why anyone would have a problem with our cover of "Fat Bottomed Girls." Maybe he just wasn't a fan of Queen. Or perhaps it was just the way we slum down such a fine tune that got this Target Nazi all in a wad. Either way, the show was abruptly ended once he showed up with security, and the little traffic jam of red carts scattered.

The Bodarks at Shiner Rising Star
Shiner Rising Star - Finals at Love & War In Texas

Anyhow, the Target incident didn't stop us. This twisted cover tune helped us advance our way to the finals of KHYI's "Shiner Rising Star" contest that same year. Ol' Josh Jones, the station manager of 95.3FM, said that hearing us perform it made him feel like he was at a hoedown. I honestly don't think he's ever been within spitting distance of a hoedown in his life. But still, that was a compliment, right? Not quite sure, because he said it through the microphone just before he announced that we did not win the contest.

Perhaps you've attended one of our shindigs and heard the extended ending we've added to the song? As you insiders know, we do that only on the condition the crowd is full of hoot-n'-holler. And they usually are, with an extra helping, for that particular tune.

So, it's no wonder that "Fat Bottomed Girls" would make its way onto our new live album as one of the few cover tunes we do. We recorded it at Bonnie Wenk Park in June of 2019, thanks to the help of Anthony Nagid (aka "Tony Stride") and his ragtime piano. Listen carefully in the opening and you'll also hear another guest star: the lakeside katydids.

The Bodarks at Bonnie Wenk Park - June, 2019


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