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There was this one gig where the real show was not on stage, but out in the audience, as we watched the Café Málaga crowd (now called #TheYard) grooving to our hootenanny. In walks one of our usual fans, but with a different gal than he usually brings. They take a table up toward the stage, and I suppose whatever song we were playing made them wanna snuggle. We’re all about love songs, you know.

A few tunes later, in walks his regular gal. She orders a drink at the bar, and sits at the table right behind the amorous couple, all casual like, as if she were there just to see us. But we knew. We were spectating the real show right in front of us as we picked away and exchanged raised eyebrows and winks with one another. The couple stiffly abandoned their drinks and made for the gate. The regular gal finished her wine with a satisfactory grin and enjoyed the rest of the show.

And would you believe it, the next time we played there she shows up with that fellow and announces they are engaged to be married.

Lots of fun shows at Cafe Malaga.


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