There was this one gig where we got the bright idea to busker in the bathroom during break. You can get some fat reverb in bathrooms, you know. So we hobble off stage and into the men's room and launch into a tune - "Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road," I think. Our pal Max Robertson of #LaPompe was guest-Bodarkin' with us and he starts blazing out a solo, when something starts to smell like dead skunk. Apparently nobody noticed the pair of legs beneath one stall.

We make our awkward apologies and hobble next door to the lady's room - Shelly checked this time - and we finish our tune. That started a series of bathroom buskerings. But since then, we always do a thorough inspection first.

PS: Concerning the half-naked guys in the photo, and the helium incident above... Well... Stories for another time.

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Jeff Brooks


The Bodarks

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